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Questions that are asked with frequency

What is the Tech Rodeo?

The Houston Tech Rodeo is a conference showcasing the best and brightest of the Houston startup community in the region and beyond by putting investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and creative minds in a room to talk about the biggest innovations and the future of tech sandwiched by some happy hours and friendly competition.

What is CodeLaunch and why is it the featured event of Houston Tech Rodeo this year?

CodeLaunch is a travelling seed accelerator event produced by technology consulting services leader Improving. CodeLaunch is also a competition amongst professional software development teams to find out who can build the best product for an early stage tech startup. Through this competition, CodeLaunch injects rocket fuel into startup ecosystems like Houston’s by accelerating early stage startups toward pre-seed and seed round funding from active VCs and Angels.

Lastly, CodeLaunch is fun and uplifting and we don’t want you to miss it, so that’s why CodeLaunch is the featured event of HTR 2023! Once you RSVP for HTR your confirmation email will contain a link giving you free GA access to CodeLaunch at the 713 Music Hall on March 2.

How much does it cost to attend the Tech Rodeo Roadshow?

The Tech Rodeo is free for all entrepreneurs, tech startups, investors, creatives, tech teams, SDOs etc, but you will have to register on our platform (coming in Jan).

Why should I attend the Tech Rodeo?

The Tech Rodeo is a confluence of tech activations, industry leaders speaking about innovations in tech, investors scouting potential opportunities and generally a fun event to celebrate the Houston tech scene.