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William J. Hitters

Mr. William Hitters is a Founding Partner of Fysikes Biosolutions. Fysikes is in the fast growing, high margin, high ROIC energy and materials transition space seeking to produce Biochar and Green Hydrogen from agricultural and urban-sourced waste organic feedstocks. He… Continue reading William J. Hitters

Corey Thompson

Corey Thompson is the Chief Executive Officer at CarTwin. He brings over 20 years of executive experience in the operation, management, development and delivery of advanced technology to some of the most demanding locations on earth. Corey’s global experience spans… Continue reading Corey Thompson

Ellen Wilkirson

Ellen Wilkirson is a Managing Director at Freestone, a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital focused on making venture and growth equity investments in companies that specialize in disruptive technologies, infrastructure, manufacturing, and support services that enable the transition to a… Continue reading Ellen Wilkirson

Reid Morrison

Reid leads Global ESG EUR and Global Energy Consulting practices as well as the Fit for Sustainability offering, and is a Principal in PwC’s Houston Office. He has 25+ years of experience in the resources industries across oil and gas,… Continue reading Reid Morrison

Melissa Molinski

Melissa Molinski is a partner at Moontower Finance. She is a “Jill-of-all-trades” in the Accounting world. She has over ten years of experience across an assortment of industries and specialties. Her knowledge ranges from early-stage tech startups to established construction… Continue reading Melissa Molinski

Scott Gale

As Executive Director at Halliburton Labs, he was responsible for launching the organization in 2020. He currently oversees External Engagement and collaborates to build a thriving clean energy community in Texas and around the world. Scott was recognized in 2022… Continue reading Scott Gale

Jared Moore

Jared Moore is the founder & CEO of Solid Ox (TH2) Motors as well as the originator of the Thermal Hydrogen economy. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy. In March of… Continue reading Jared Moore

Moji Karimi

Moji is a carbon-negative entrepreneur, and a technology futurist. His mission is to create a sustainable future where humans have applied technology to balance the rate of climate change. A future where humans live in harmony with nature. As an… Continue reading Moji Karimi

Barbara J. Burger, PhD.

Barbara J. Burger, PhD., is a “recent graduate” from Chevron where she ended her time as the Vice President, Innovation and President of Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV). During her career, Burger held management positions across a number of the company’s… Continue reading Barbara J. Burger, PhD.

Juliana Garaizar

Juliana is the Chief Development and Investment Officer, and Head of Houston Incubator at Greentown Labs. A Board Member of the Angel Capital Association, Juliana is a Lead Investor of the Portfolia Rising America Fund that invests in BIPOC and… Continue reading Juliana Garaizar