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Josh Smith

Josh Smith is the VP of Product for commerce technology unicorn, which is helping merchants sell and operate smarter across digital and physical channels. Founded in Houston and headquartered in Austin, grew to 6,000 customers and hundreds of… Continue reading Josh Smith

Ashley DeWalt

Ashley DeWalt is an emerging fund manager, advisor, and mentor for venture-backed startups. He is currently the General Partner of a VC fund that invests at the intersection of sports, media and entertainment as well as the Managing Director of… Continue reading Ashley DeWalt

Lawson Gow

Lawson Gow is the co-founder and Partner in Gow Companies, a holding company building the largest and most comprehensive sports-tech and innovation ecosystem in the United States, which he launched in 2022. Prior to Gow Companies, between November 2017 to… Continue reading Lawson Gow

Heath Butler

Heath Butler is venture investor, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive with over 20 years of experience as a transformational leader with a proven ability to define a vision, execute strategy and deliver accelerated business impact. At Mercury Fund,… Continue reading Heath Butler

Jhana Porter

Jhana Porter is the founder of frakktal, a startup developing biobased polymer processes to upend the use of polyvinyl chloride in the built environment.

Fareed Zein

Fareed Zein is the founder and CEO of Universal Toll Tag, Inc (Unytag), a tech startup working to disrupt the toll road fee payments industry and ease toll roads commute through a mobile payment solution. Fareed retired as an IT… Continue reading Fareed Zein

Joe Branch

Joe Branch is the Head of On-Court Basketball Strategy & Business Development for WME Sports bringing nearly two decades of experience to the firm. Branch began his career in basketball at Nike and the NBA, which led to the role… Continue reading Joe Branch

Tyler Gillespie

Tyler Gillespie is a Global Experience Lead at Accenture’s Metaverse Continuum Business Group. As a staunch believer in the power of imagination in every micro moment in your life, Tyler spends his days as a permanent resident in Wonderland, helping… Continue reading Tyler Gillespie

Chad Spensky, Ph.D.

Chad is the founder and CEO of Allthenticate, a cybersecurity company that provides companies with the ability to securely unlock and login to everything with their smartphones. He has over 10 years of research experience and has numerous academic publications… Continue reading Chad Spensky, Ph.D.

Robert Pieroni

Robert, Director of Economic Development for Central Houston Inc., is responsible for developing strategies to accelerate the growth of Houston’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and proactively advance Downtown Houston as a premier global destination for corporate headquarters. Robert has a… Continue reading Robert Pieroni